About Pet Portraits by Marsha Ra
Let me create a portrait of your pet that captures its unique personality. My work is very detailed and realistic. I strive for clarity and respect the dignity of my subjects. All portraits are drawn or painted on 100% archival materials to create a lasting image of your companion animal.  Graphite drawings are on 100% cotton rag paper. Paintings are in acrylic on board. 

The Process
The process starts with a visit. After observing, photographing and taking notes, I create a contour drawing which I e-mail to you for approval. Changes can be made at this point. After receiving your approval I create the final work of art. I e-mail you a scan of the finished work for approval. Small adjustments can usually be made at this point.

If you have a favorite photograph that you wish to have turned into a drawing or painting I will do that. However meeting the animal and taking my own photographs is a good idea for the sake of accuracy and to get a good feel for the personality of the pet. If the pet has died or if you are outside of the New York Metropolitan area I will gladly evaluate your photograph and tell you if I find enough detail to create a portrait. I don’t want you to be unhappy or waste your money! The best photos are digital, taken with a longer lens (about 100-150 mm), and without flash. Outside on a bright day is best for showing detail and form. Multiple photos are helpful.

50% is paid up front. The second half is paid upon acceptance of the finished work.
I retain the copyright for the work unless an agreement is reached to sell limited copyright.

How long does it take?
Once the photograph has been taken, it takes about a week to create the first drawing. Once the drawing is approved, it may take 2 weeks or up to a month to complete the finished work, depending on the size ordered. Allow a full month for the entire project. At the time the portrait is commissioned I will give you a more accurate idea of when the work will be ready for delivery and will include this in the commission agreement.

Price list
Prices quoted are for a single animal on a plain background, unframed. The portrait may be just the head, head and shoulders or full body.  A second animal on the same page is an additional 50%. Complicated backgrounds are negotiated.  I can work up to size 20" x 24".

Size of ImageGraphite drawingAcrylic painting
8 x 10$250$600
9 x 12$350$800
11 x 14      $500$900
Larger sizesPrice upon requestPrice upon request

To order a portrait or for more information,e-mail me at  marsha@marshara.com